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A Dem man ya alka fi war a leave flapcorn , BT alka cowad still tommy Lee did don tell uno

A this yah man gaykaline fi take on …!

Detta baby
Detta baby
Tommy lee..as u can see the clash is between Alkaline and Flapcaan…… U werent invited so plz see urself out… If a hype ya look fi di new year none nuh deh ya fi u cuz alka nuh notice u. Gwaan back go do scamming n go find a hit… Read more »
Yes tommy lee if a man say him a d youngest and baddest him must can prove it an stop hide like a bitch some ppl a say tommy fi look a work an dem in a worse position than him lol joke dis prove u self like addi ninja… Read more »

Vultures and maggots feed pan yuh carcass #Sparta