Tommy Lee stole writing credit, says Trinidadian record producer

Trinidadian record producer/song writer Jr Dillinger has lashed out against dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta, claiming the Shook deejay stole his writing credits.

The producer claims to have written over 20 songs for Tommy Lee during their friendship, but things turned sour after he realised that he was not registered as a writer of any of the songs.

A seemingly upset Jr Dillinger has since taken his grouse to social media, where he has lashed out against Tommy Lee and even told THE STAR that he is contemplating legal action.

“I have written and produced over 20 songs for Tommy Lee. Songs like Spartan Solider, Risk, My Love and Hero are just a few of the songs that have been released. I also did an album for him called The Rise of The Fall and that is where the problem started because he sold the single Hero to VP Records without my knowledge, received money for the song without my knowledge, and he made a deal with VP without my knowledge,” the producer said.

“We had an agreement that I would write commercial songs for Tommy Lee, and collect my publishing at a later date, but when I contacted the publishers, they said the songs were copy written under his name Leroy Junior Russell.”

The producer also sent THE STAR five reference tracks, which he says were sent to Tommy Lee for some of his singles.

“This is not right, I work for Syntech Records and nobody from management had any knowledge of what Tommy Lee was doing because of how music works, is you normally put out the work first then claim the publishing after. I was waiting for the money to build up before I went to collect, however, when I finally did, it turns out that I was not credited,” the upset producer said.

When contacted, Tommy Lee’s publicist, Keona Williams, said she did not wish to comment on the matter, while his manager, Heavy D, said he was ignorant to Tommy Lee’s dealings with Jr Dillinger.

“A dem deh a studio a night time suh mi nuh know about that. Mi nuh know who a right from who a wrong, suh mi cyah comment on it,” Heavy D told The STAR.

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