Tony Matterhorn Married

Danehall selector/recording artiste, Tony Matterhorn, real name Dufton Taylor has tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend.

The veteran selector made the declaration Sunday (October 30) via his Instagram account sharing a photo of the two at their wedding.

“Blessed Sunday from the #TAYLORS, when ur blessed by God it’s a beautiful thing when they go low we go real high #heartattacks #headaches for some we say it’s #Taylorsforlife.” He wrote.

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Lol Janet cousins seem like u took this 1 to heart the bottom line is everybody has there own type n ntg don’t wrong with that it don’t have to be that it’s because they can’t get darker completion is women it’s jst about what they like r what they… Read more »
People,people I ask again just take a look at most of the male Jamaican “celebrities” whom you describe. Now be truthful how many of them are really attractive,intelligent and well-spoken although they may have some fame,popularity or money? Now why would any really ambitious girl want to be associated with… Read more »

All when u married ten time u still a batty man

On point with that comment Janet Cousins!

And I wud say people with the name Janet Cousins lack proper understanding because their Ind and hear is crowded with bitterness and ur comment suggest u not a person with class smh…whoever hurt u go tell then that and stop thinking all men and women r the same.. bless