Trabass now focusing on music

Trabass says he is focusing on making his mark in the music industry, as it is important for an entertainer to be versatile.

His last song, You Alone, was a big hit having received close to 500,000 views on YouTube. With his current single, Be Able, already creating a buzz after only a week of its release, the comedian-turned-artiste is looking to solidify his status in the music industry.

“Music is something I’ve always wanted to do,” he told THE STAR. “I’ve been doing it for two years now professionally, but it’s always been something I’ve been passionate about.”

He explained that with his new single, Be Able, he wants to encourage young people, especially those from inner-city communities, to do more to build themselves and show them that there is no limit to what they can do.

“The song is all about inspiring people and I decided to do music for that reason. I want people to see that they should not put limits on what they can do, and they should always push themselves to do more.”

The entertainer explained that he will not be giving up his vlogging, but will be focusing on music more seriously in the coming months.

“I will never stop doing my vlogs because that’s what people know me from, but I want to show people that I am multi-talented and doing music will show off my versatility,” he said.

“I am pushing myself to do more, and I believe I have what it takes to make it in this business.”

Trabass also revealed that the music video for the Track Starr-produced Be Able will be released next month.

Despite being popular online and on social media, Trabass says he still aspires to be one of the biggest artistes out of Jamaica.

“A few years from now, I see myself up there with the other top artistes in Jamaica. I plan to touch every genre of music so I can give the people versatility,” he said.

Music and vlogs aside, Trabass added that he also has a strong love for film-making. He has a new project, titled Love Triangle, which is a short film he directed and produced that has been getting serious attention via the world wide web.

“Love Triangle is a short film about a young woman who is in love with two guys. The mix-up that goes on in the ‘love triangle’ creates a lot of drama and is very entertaining,” he said.

Love Triangle was released at the start of this month and has already amassed over 98,000 views on YouTube.

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