Twin Of Twins Accuses Mavado Of Plagiarism

Twin of twins has issued a warning to Mavado, urging the singer to refrain from pirating their style. The tweet sent out on January 24 by brother Curly Locks stated “@Mavado_Gully bredda we a ask yuh fi stop pirate wi ting dem! Guh back fi flex and Kibakki dem weh u switch pon mek dem help u find song!!!!” Curly Locks tells Music News that Mavado should refrain from plagiarizing their work. The Twins went on to say in an interview that its obvious that mavado is a fan of their work, but not giving credit where its due for using lines originated from their tapes in his songs. Listen Interview Below! Twin of Twins warning to Mavado comes on the heels of Busy Singal’s new song “Real Talk” where he calls out Vado for dissing Bounty Killa cautioning the singjay not to be ungrateful.

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