Twin of Twins To Release Stir It Up: Volume 9 1/2 (this week)

With too much to say and many recent happenings in the dancehall, popular comedic duo Twin of Twins will be releasing… Stir It Up: Volume 9 1/2 this week ahead of Volume 10 that will be available to the public in a few weeks.

Speaking with THE STAR, Twin of Twins’ Patrick Gaynor said the idea for Volume 9 1/2 in the Stir It Up series came about due to topics that were popular in the dancehall space in recent times. Although Volume 10 will also be out by the end of November, he said the issues being talked about were too timely to wait.

“Volume 9 1/2 came about because Twin of Twins stay real with what’s going on. There is a hot topic that everybody is talking about. Based on the famous situation we decide to put our spin on it and decide that we will give the public a 10 to 15-minute spin of everything. It’s like a teaser,” Gaynor said, adding that last week’s scheduled release of the volume was hampered by Hurricane Sandy’s presence on the island.


He noted that Volume 10 should be released by the end of November and will also include the topics discussed on Volume 9 1/2.

Unlike more recent volumes where the Stir It Up skits were done as radio interviews or in a courtroom setting, Gaynor said these new volumes are like “actual stories, like an audio movie.”

He continued: “We always show versatility and mek it be different.”

However, Gaynor was tight-lipped about the contents, as he said they are in the editing process and things might be omitted or changed.

Gaynor said he is also pleased with the progress of their career, as they have a few songs that are doing well. These songs are So Much Things, Jah Is featuring Jah Vinci, Christmas A Come and Tracy Ann.

“Dem a go hard, dem a get heavy rotation. We give thanks,” he said, noting that the Jah Is music video will be shot in two weeks.

In addition, he said Twin of Twins will be touring parts of Africa from January to March next year, followed by tours of United States and Canada.

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