Upcoming artiste Lanmine pierces left side of his face

upcoming artiste Lanmine pierces his entire face.. The picture you see below was shared on facebook and persons were more than happy to share their reactions , see comments below.

Below are some person’s reaction to the pic on facebook.

“First bleaching then tattoo then eyes then horns now this crawny maddafuka . a this dancehall come to . man affi do fuckry jus fi get a buss , it really sad”
Lanmine pierces entire face 2016j
“Akiva Solomon Israel Do as thou will shall be the whole law ! This is an occult mystic law ! He is a god as we all are , let him do as he please! Fuck the opinion of mortals and let him that is without sin cast the first stone !”

“Tam Tam Daniels Stephens mi nah even a guh listen to one song unsure emoticon”

“Matthew Hosein Wat kinda fuc#in stinkness is dis…..?nasty ppl……fire fi dat……!!!!!!!”

“Ann Marie Oneofakind Allen Creeps me out…..dat deh face can’t be clean”

“Leon Walkaz-Family Patterson Fucking fool, u nah bus”

“Fool fool people don’t know any better…”

upcoming artiste Lanmine pierce entire face…

Posted by YardHype on Thursday, 14 January 2016

Listen to song below

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