Usain Bolt, “Bibi” Gardner & Friends Throws Party At 10, 000 Feet (Must See Video)

Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt has thrown a party at 10,000 feet on a private jet whilst on his way to Carvinal in Trinidad.

According to TMZ, the Jamaican track legend boarded the plane with Jamaican soccer star Ricardo “Bibi” Gardner, singer Christopher Martin and others … and immediately broke out the booze!

There were shots, dancing, strobe lights, cool handshakes, dirty chants about all the sex they’re going have in Trinidad.

Carnival runs through Tuesday … but the parties are already underway!!!

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This isn’t even news it was all over his snap chat kmt

Him brave eeh mi travel and when. I do that not even the bath room mi no want fi go how mi fraid ,big up u self mi boss USAIN BOLT

Shit on ppl?

Now that’s rich

No matter how people shit on people Jamaicans always tell them to have fun lol