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Black Carlisle only u have common sense unuh it was the other man a play the batty wash bwoy tune innah the back group… a a years Bolt say GAZA & these shittidda fans now what Bolt say shittidda bcuz a only shebadda a post that batty wash bwoy music… Read more »
Pussy meh dun si seh Yuh nuh have nuh madda cause Yuh a foggot dats y a bare suck yuh chat bout yuh likle shit 💩 yuh a batty yuh cum out a cause you n yuh artiste swear unu born wid 2 fada unu foggot unu… Shitty mouth fishy… Read more »

Practice yuh mada pussy man anybody can dance to any song .. chatty mouth pussy

Ppl so dunce ! Wasn’t even him playing the music the man say Gaza

People dumb eeh man lol no sah
The youth just a enjoy him self and a vibe