Usain Bolt says “She said yes”… Learn more about him & Kasi’s marriage rumour

BOLT’S ALLEGED ENGAGEMENT CONFIRMED? Usain Bolt the greatest athlete of all times confirmed recently that he and Kasi Bennett are engaged. Social Media and the Tabloids was all a buzz with stories about the engagement before  the photos showing the track star partying with girls and he even kissed one of them.  Added to that there was one with him in bed with a 20 year old Brazilian student, who told the media that she thought she and Usain had a real connection. It is alleged that Jady Duarte the student, who is the widow of a Rio Drug Lord found a way to post the photos of herself and Usain on Social Media. It makes you wonder if she wanted to get into the spotlight so she could get even more famous.

Together Again After Cheating Scandal
Seems Kasi Bennett accept not just his explanation but also his hand in marriage. Over the weekend Bolt posted several photos on Snapchat of the two enjoying some much needed alone time. He captioned one of the photos “She said yes” along with a heart emoji. But Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennet are currently enjoying a vacation Bora Bora. After all the hard training and being in the limelight for so long, he had said that this Olmypics meant the world to him, as he knew he could make history, by becoming the first athlete to win the 200m , 100m and anchor the relay-team so that he could come away with 3 Gold medals for three consecutive Olympics. It seems as if Usain has decided that after all the hard work he has done over the years, it is good to relax and enjoy himself with the one he loves. And it seems as though Kasi has accepted his explanation and believes all that he had to say about the things that social media posts and more. And their relationship is still doing well.

Usains Bolt’s half sister had told someone that she didn’t think all the bad press would cause the couples relationship to fall apart. She said Kasi would see photos like that all the time, but she trusts her man. She will not quickly believe everything that is posted in Social Media and The Tabloids.
It seems as though ,the couple have found a way to do what is important to them at this time. As they know that being a Legend comes with a lot pf prying eyes and a lot of talk. But they won’t allow all that to ruin their relationship and their future. So we can only wait to hear about the date for the wedding and hope that they will always be happy together.

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