Usain Bolt wins 100m in 9.77s, Jamaica’s first gold medal at the 2013 IAAF World Champs

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt blazed the Moscow tracks a short while ago to a season best 9.77 to claim Jamaica’s first gold medal at the 2013 IAAF World Championships in the Russian capital. His Jamaican compatriot Nesta Carter was third in 9.95 to claim bronze.

American Justin Gatlin was placed second to claim in silver in 9.85. It was a close finish for the other Jamaicans in the race with Kemar Bailey Cole ending fourth in 9.85, the same time recorded by Nickel Ashmeade who ended fifth.

“After the semi finals I didn’t feel in the shape I wanted to be in,” Bolt said, noting that his legs felt sore.

“After the semi-finals I could tell that I wasn’t perfect, but all I wanted to do was to win,” he noted.

However, Bolt says he is looking forward to a better 200 metre.

“Just look for the greatness,” he said.

Meanwhile, Carter says his work is not yet done.

He says with four Jamaicans in the men’s 100 metre final, it means that the relays have a lot of promise.

Usain Bolt – 9.77! (in downpour!) 2013 World Championship Moscow Athletics IAAF 100m – F

Usain Bolt wins 100m in 9.77 | 2013 IAAF Moscow World Championships

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