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I’m a woman and if I go to have sex with a man and I see green discharge coming from a man penis we are no longer going to f*** that woman is careless they just love celebrities and they have their plans ……… In these day_n age you are… Read more »

These dirty women who go after the celebrities these groupies women who sleep around and f*** around like dogs she should get a dose of AIDS and die f****** careless she was f****** careless half of this is that woman fault she is careless she should have AIDS and die

I don’t feel sorry for any man who cannot control their dicks… A good fi him. On the other hand; Run the gyal!! No groupie life ain’t worth that much. Bitch a gwaan like she did a go tun smaddi in a life. Kmt.

All who usher nuh deh wid and have herpes soon send out lawsuits kmt. Deny them rass usher u nuh know them. Money dem a look