Vershon Crowned Dancehall Soul

Vershon has been very busy through airports since late December up to this present date, Reaping Success from His hit singles from 2015. “Inna Real Life”, “Use To Hungry”, “Tun it Up Yah Now” & “Clean mi heart Too Clean” just to name a few. Vershon Started 2016 with the surge to maintain his dominance by recording Songs such as “Too Hype” – Glendevon Records, “Neva Happy Fi Mi” on Chronicles Of Success Riddim , Produced by Tevino * YGF Records ” which has ignited local and international air waves. “Vershon is very humble, Composed, versatile and will be icon in the music industry for decades”, Said Tevino (YGF Records). Other singles release recently are: “Dark Endz” , “Tie Mi” & “Quef Weh”. Vershon seems to have a lot of new things instore for the rest of 2016.

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