Vershon Denies Taking Aim At Mavado In His Recent Song – ‘My Success’

Dancehall artiste Vershon has moved to quell rumours that he his song, My Success, is diss song for Mavado.

“I guess dem like see war. Dem upload the song as Mavado diss and I have reached out to some of them and told them to take it down. This is not a diss track. If you check on my official VEVO page it is uploaded as Vershon, My Success,” Vershon told the Star.

“It is not aimed at anybody and I don’t mention anybody. I want fans to know that I am not responsible for persons labelling the record as a Mavado diss,” said Vershon,

In My Success, Vershon sings:

“Boy come a boast, money fool, money fright. Yu nuh memba when you used to live pon di gully side.”

The fact that Mavado comes from the gully side had many fans believing Vershon was taking aim at Mavado.

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