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Mothers you can neeeeeeever celebrate over another woman losing her child* you know what we go through when the dad’s arent present even for a day come on

It’s never right for a woman to keep a child from seeing his father I too have had ups and downs with my son father but I try to maintain a balance regardless be cuz I believe that 1/2 a loaf a bread better than none at all

I think this is a private matter between the two family no need for the media to b involved and going on the different social midias sites r a waste of time , cause wen the love did sweet it was not on social media so now that it sour… Read more »
Man u sit u ass down and give the lady her child if you’re the hype boy you pretend to be why not care for the GAL you got PAPITO with as well. Set them for life them go on with your life. Treat her like your mom huh…this is… Read more »

him have all right fi take him baby how a man fi a mind one child on nah see him it make no sense