Vlogger Nearly Dies After Shoving A Live EEL Into Her Vagina Live On Camera

A notorious vlogger nearly died by shoving a LIVE EEL into her vagina during a shocking broadcast.

According to The Sun, her troubles didn’t end there since she was soon arrested by China’s anti-pornography police as part of a crackdown on an illegal streaming platform which hired vloggers for live pornography show.

The crackdown targeted an illegal streaming platform known as Tiger which, after it began in February, allegedly hired thousands of vloggers for live pornography shows. It was busted by the country’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications, reported China Daily.

Zhang, 20, nicknamed Qi Qi, was said to have needed surgery to have the eel removed after performing the sexual act, Chinese media reported.

There were fears Zhang died – but she later posted a picture of a surgical scar.

According to investigative reports from May, Tiger had more than a million subscribers at the time and earned some £822,571 from its operations in just two months


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