Vybz Kartel allegedly transferred & Being Investigated for voicing in prison

Could statements made by Flexx in a recent interview with Anthony Miller regarding allegations that Vybz Kartel is recording in prison promoted the authorities to investigates the claims?

A plethora a new music having been hitting the air waves in recent times from the incarcerated D.J. as eye brows continues to be raise as to whether or not the artiste is recording behind bars.

However, sources from the Gaza camp still maintains that there is no truth to these claims and the new songs that are being released have been pre-recorded prior to the “Wold Boss” incarceration.

Meanwhile, as reported by Urban Island, “A highly placed source inside the police department told us that they have been receiving phone calls asking if the “Round Corna” deejay is recording music behind bars or if he is in possession of a cellphone given his recent social media activities.”

Coincidentally, the investigation comes just days after former T.O.K member Flexx gave an interview with E.R stating that, “it is unfair for a man to be in prison and getting so much airplays while locally and other people are writing good songs and are not getting air play”

There are also unconfirmed reports that Vybz Kartel will be removed from Horizon Center and will be taken to G.P (General Penitentiary) where it is said to more rigid.

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