Vybz Kartel – Hold It

nuh body nuh badda dan gas pain, Listen to this the official full song for Vybz Kartel – Hold It – January 2017 “my youth gwaan wol it, nuh lego… mi nah look good name” Produced By: Studio Vibes Entertainment. SINGLE – #ITUNES 1/20/17 #PRE 1/6 @StudioVybz @iamthekartel

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Slap weh me teach gaza nation

A gaza gaza gaza me ting de

Si it deh d year nuh start good yet an Gaza boss ready fi tek on d road yeah king a dance hall yuh nuh hear if yuh caah buy Oxtail hold a Chicken back HBD mi boss wishing u lots more to come Gaza fi life

Dem nuh si weh mi go fool still a sofficate in a the dust nuh how mi beat dem is neva enough yard people is really very thuff hand grenade… Wait one second delay dem a run we run without relay shell dem down Di boss remain teacha been there… Read more »

Happy earth strong Daddy Gaza fi life Gaza till death