Vybz Kartel Imprisoned by Corrupt Jurors?

Rumors has it that Vybz Kartel’s 35 years imprisonment sentence parole might have been decided by jurors who cared less about justice or rather wanted nothing to do with his murder trial after one member of the jury (name withheld) admitted on the witness stand that they were planning a after verdict party deliberation of the case.

According to Urban Islandz.com, the above revelations were made during corrupt juror Livingston Cain’s trial. Cain was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice when he allegedly tried to bribe other jurors including the forewoman.

This report have stirred an uproar on social media from loyal Dancehall fans who have expressed their dissapointement in the Jamaican Jurisdicdiction chamber for allowing this to happen.

Urban Islandz.com further adds that during cross-examination of that juror, Cain’s attorney Valerie Neita-Robertson asked if they were planning a after party instead of deliberating the case. “It was good to go out and relax. No after-party,” the juror told the court. The juror also admitted that they were discussing plans to party at Port Royal after the trial.

“Born Addi Ticha Palmer, Vybz Kartel and three of his co-accused were found guilty on March 13 last year in a trial that lasted four months. The judge took a week to gave his summation of the case, while the jury took just two hours in deliberation before returning a guilty verdict .

A part of that two-hour deliberation was used to discussed and planned for a after verdict party. Two members of the jury also lied about their occupation on their application. Both jurors works for the Jamaica Defense Force JDF although they are barred from serving on civilian jury. Another juror was the wife of a police inspector who was working at the court during the trial.” the blog concluded in a dissappointing note.

So if this was the case behind Vybz Kartel sentence verdict,does it mean that things can be corrected and his sentence reduced or even him to be set free???

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