Vybz Kartel Trial: March 13, Judge focus on the accused unsworn statements

The murder trial for popular Dancehall artiste Vybz kartel and 4(four) other co-accused in the killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams which was scheduled to end sometime last week trags on to Today Thurseday March 13th, 2014 in the Home Circuit Court, (Downtown) Kingston. This week marks a four-month-old trial, the longest in Jamaicas History. Jurors who are expected to deliberate on Vybz Karel’s fate soon have been told the entertainer and his co-accused may have been reluctant to have their defence questioned by prosecutors. High court judge Lennox Campbell made the comment as he instructed the jurors on how to assess the unsworn statements given by the five accused murderers in the case. He told the jurors of the three options in law that were opened to the men. Justice Campbell said the accused men could have said nothing, give unsworn statements or go into the witness box and give their defence under oath or affirmation. He said if they had gone into the box, they could have face cross-examination, questions from the jurors or the judge. He said because Kartel and his co-accused did not give sworn statements, the jurors cannot say the men are guilty. The judge said to the jurors that they may be wondering why the men elected to make unsworn statements. He said it could be that the accused were reluctant to put evidence to the test of cross-examination.

Vybz Kartel arriving for court this morning. March 13th, Photo taken Jermain Barnaby
Vybz Kartel arriving for court this morning. March 13th, Photo taken Jermain Barnaby
He told the jurors that it is for them to determine if the unsworn statements were of any value. And the judge told the 11-member panel that if the evidence of the prosecution satisfies them beyond reasonable doubt, they should weigh it as they think is fit. The judge is now reviewing the unsworn statements of Vybz Kartel. He has read for the jury what the entertainer had said. Also….   Chaos erupted outside the Supreme Court building on King Street in downtown, Kingston a short while ago as hundreds of Vybz Kartel supporters broke through police barricades. The crowd broke through human barriers formed by police personnel on King Street and went on to Barry Street. It’s understood that the large crowd descended on areas cordoned off by the police after international entertainer Busta Rhymes made his way to the court. Some people chanted “Free Kartel” and “Free Worl Boss”. School children were among those chanting. Road closures around the Supreme Court took effect this morning. The changes were made in anticipation of a verdict in the Vybz Kartel murder case. Among the roads closed are King Street, between Harbour Street and South Parade and Church Street between South Parade and Tower Street. Vybz Kartel Trial: Judge Campbell raps-up summation for prosecution’s witnesses Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel is jointly charged with fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell aka Shawn Storm, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John for murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams. The Police believes that ‘Lizard’ was killed on August 16, 2011 over two(2) years ago at Vybz karel’s Home in Havendale, St Andrew. Lizard was allegedly killed in relation to 2(two) missing guns, Lizard’s body is yet to be found.

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The trial continues… Kartel faces trial on second murder charge Vybz Kartel’s Trial To Continues Today March 13th, 2014. Second Murder Case Vybz Kartel’s next court date. vybz kartel court case, today latest updates

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