Vybz Kartel’s “King of the Dancehall” was the best selling Dancehall Album of 2016

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer has been incarcerated since 2011 and five years later he still managed to have the top selling Dancehall Album of 2016 “King of the Dancehall.” The Album was released in June last year and debut at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae chart.

Since its release the album has sold 3,800 units in the United States with 1,867 units sold in the first week of its debut, making it the highest selling dancehall project last year. The album also has the biggest first week sales in the last decade since Beenie Man released his 2006 classic album “Undisputed.”

The incarcerated D.J. manage to stay current through his monumental catalogue of previously recorded material. In recent times he took to Instagram to announce that he has 1000 new songs to be released.

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