Warren Weir give thanks to fans for support

After failing to advance to the final round of the men’s 200m in Beijing, Jamaican sprinter Warren Weir is saying better days are ahead.

Weir who finnished seventh in the semi-finals behind Britain’s Zharnel Hughes and country man, Nickel Ashmeade took to facebook to make to make the statement.

“Thanks for all the support, it been a season plagued with injuries but never the less I put my all in it. Didn’t get the result I wanted but there will be better days,” he said.

He also addressed the issue of scrutiny that many athletes have encountered when their performance is deemed poor.

“Respect to all athletes around the world for people see us out there and judge us for our performance but never know what happen off screen,” he added.

Former world record holder Asafa Powell, is one of the latest athletes to have experienced cyber bullying because of his performance.

A number of memes and disparaging comments were generated in mockery of the athlete.

Powell who failed to medal in the finals of the men’s 100m also addressed the matter on Twitter.

“The day you can qualify, compete or perform on a track,field,pitch,court then you may have the right to question others efforts until then DON’T.”

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