Was Flexx wrong to hit out on Vybz Kartel for allegedly voicing songs in prison?

In a recent interview on ER (Entertainment Report) Flexx a former member of the T.O.K crew now known as Double X told Anthony Miller that it is unfair for Vybz Kartel to receive so much airplay while other hard working artiste fining it difficult to get their music aired on local radio or in the dancehall.

“I don’t understand how a man fi deh a prison and have so much songs a play and people out there hustling everyday in the studio, writing good songs, and dem can’t get them songs played,” he said.

Since then Flexx have been coming under immense criticism and backlashes from fans. He has also angered other celebrities in the entertainment industry.

“Inna T.O.K a Bay C and Craig dem like, nobody never like you. A gwaan like you a artiste. Go away, old idiot. Fool fool like, you badmind like. You know from dem call Addi name, mi a guh buss dem head. Flexx, you shoot your own self with a water gun, so you basically drowned yourself from you try go up against Vybz Kartel,” Nuffy told THE STAR.

Flexx however, responded saying he was only answering a question that he was asked by the interviewer.

“Mi nah badmind nuh man, and mi nah fight no man, mi just a seh the music business need fi fix up and balance up because a nuff man out deh weh a get underplayed. Some a di selector not even a listen the song dem,” he said.

He adds, “This is not about Kartel, it’s about the selector dem. If Anthony Miller never bring up Kartel name, mi wouldn’t answer a question about Kartel. Why mi wudda wah stop a man food ? Unuh need fi guh siddung and listen. And as Kartel seh, mi nuh love man suh tek yuh eye offa mi.”

Now riding solo since his decision to depart from the T.O.K group in 2015 after 23 years, will this have an impact on Double X career?

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Anthony miller love de mix up and passa passa, same thing he did with etana. I think those artiste should stop doing his interviews, why he don’t go interview dem politicians and asked them those controversial questions, and kartel fans too [email protected]#king emotional like no body en suppose to have… Read more »

Just upset because him chat too much kmt

Flexx if hold you a portmore dawg eat you sopper suck you mada batty boy gun shot fi you pussy from you cross the tole

Why so harsh nikk? Lol

Jah know