Watch: Foota Hype Says Alkaline Shouldn’t Have Disrespected The Police Uniform In AFTERALL” [Video]

Foota Hype says Alkaline shouldn’t have had the girl in police uniform doing an “oral sex” act in his Afterall music video.

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Change di name from Foota to Moutta

U rude eeh..

So me know some a unu a fuckin ediat…specially foota ..a GAZA me seh however me a defend me fren dem aatis… Tell me now which 1 a unu wouldn’t love fi av a policegovernment gyaal..a deal wid u ting pon DA level deh

Foota hype u real piece a shit entertainer to entertainer u a try look a career inna something different off other people skunt u soon pronounce missing mount a people business u up inna and yard vibes dis as bad

Somebody can’t lick dah mouta massy boy yah cross him mouth wid a duty draws. Or carry him go a belvue