#Watch: Keeping up with the Gully Bop [Jamaican Cartoon 2015]

Irish Stu Eps6: Keeping up with the Gully Bop [Jamaican Cartoon 2015]

We start off by seeing next door the Chicken Gun man yard weedwacker guy passing by Right Next door is Belvieu Madhouse, Everybody a say 7 (Seven) repeatedly so weewacker guy decides to peep through and see whats going on.. Them juck him inna him eye make him become legally blind and then them start say 8 (Eight) and weekwacker start mind him own business after then…
Next we see him telling his girl this story then she say she got to go to work cause Ishwana is waiting for her to do her hair for a video shoot. Next we see Hairdressa come to the salon and theirs a conspicuous guy watching Every move that’s happening (Really watching Ishwna.. Foota), Next we see Hairdresser got a next customer waiting Shebada and shebada start tell her story bout how Ishwana is her baby mother and annu foota child or skatta, how him a breed up the artist them girls over the years [Yendi chino, Vegas baby Mother, wayne marshall Tami Chin, even Beenieman Angel Now the latest one wah him a bring public.. hints at bounty killa] Next thing We see him a ask bout the man wah a fix a fan inna the salon a say how him look like zachariah zed dumpling head turns out its Gully Bop..
Then we see Gully bop sing dem nuh bad like me and every gall want a wuk affa me…
Next thing we see gully bop on his own reality show, Keeping up with the BOP…
Him start talk bout him life and love for Shauna Chin then we see
Steego Vibes starts talking about how shauna chin don’t ever kiss Gully Bop on the mouth and thing..
Then we see stickman in prison starts talking about how madman has his own reality show and wah gwaan inna jamaica.. then we see he change the channel to a wrestling show called Who Badda with Oral Tracey from sports commentary as the host with Macka Diamond and Tony Matterhorn fighting then episode finish with the hastag #FreeWurlBossForMoreThan1Day cause we see picture surface with him and his family surface at an undisclosed location.

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