UPDATE: Marvin’s leg not broken… after falling off roof-top [Video]

Many Jamaicans have been waiting to see things go south with Marvin and his outrageous dancing , last night to much of us surprise the expected happened. We do wish march a speedy recover, for its entertainment and not illegal…

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Suck uno mada who love dis or a laugh … The Yute nah kill or rob fi a living .. Him only dance crazy with the gal dem .. Uno stop be a hater an wish the Yute well .. Fi hurry an get better ..


I dont blame him for jumping on anyone’s back and taking advantage of anybody, a d jackass dem allow him fi dweet suh him shoulda jump inah dem neck n bruck dem to, atleast a few fools would be eliminated

This man isn’t a gun man or a scammer he dance n entertain ppl for a living y so many haters want to see him dead wishing u a speedy recovery yute just be more careful when u back on your feet jah guide

Get well soon