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Sum ppl jus full a shit like crab who vex wit my comment i don’t care kids can be friends and sex a di last ting on there minds

Why cnt ya’ll jst sit n enjoy the vid n shut tf up with ya’ll negativity gosh!!!!

Cu the girl ena the back bout she a tek picture.. Lmao I would do the same to yaaa!!! Lmao

Gwan yah..youth you having fun with ur frenzy why the first thing come to big ppl mind is girlfriend and sex why oh I guess throu they are in uniforms you must be saying dem should a deh a dem yard aww bwoy smh wat I see I see dem… Read more »

A wah do dem people yah… Soun like a unnuh di badmind tun up inna, how Gaza drop in.. wah unnuh a do #Hate because gazanation legendary beyond di likkle dunce Gully levels.. Low #GazaNation out a diss an go Suck unnuh Madda Dry!!!!