‘We Don’t Even Look Alike, Smell Alike….Ishawna Responds To Danielle D.I. Accusation Of Stealing Her Style

Ishawna responds to Danielle D.I. accusations that she is stealing her style by posting a video which indirectly tells Danielle that she “jumped out a window when you compared herself to her”

Mi say mi hate dirty Joanne wid a passion😭😂😂😂 #Honestly #Truly

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Ishawna recently wore a raunchy outfit during her video shoot that has similarities to the one Danielle wore for her 2017 Magnum Calendar cover.

When yuh gone a lead, yuh just stay a lead🏆 #videoshoot

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This did not sit well with Danielle as she took to Instagram and posted the following message along with a picture her 2017 Magnum Calendar cover.

#justbecause it’s #FRIDAY#Flashback to this awesome #booty🍑 baring #rippedshorts #trendsetter 😉😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣#[email protected] #calendargirl 😘😘#loveyou guys be safe on the #roads while you #TGIF 💋💋💋#rebelleague#danielledi. …She captioned

Back in 2015 Danielle D.I threw shade at the “Restraining Order” singer for rocking a sheer bodysuit similar to her at Reggae Sumfest.

“Don’t Act Like You Forgot……” she wrote on Instagram.

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Mi wudda waan kno if clothes nuh mek fi everybody??????everybody nuh free fi wear wah dem want?if clothes did make fi one person u wudda have only one suit in every design……….unuh too petty!!!!!better things deh yah fi spend d energy pon…

Well clearly Danielle a put fi har energy in the wrong things, go look a hit song or otherwise, a who you again? Nonsense…. Know how much time mi go dance n a wanda if a school (everybody n dem mada have on the same ting worse if it inna… Read more »

Danielle nuh say she a Christian. …well how u a move so

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