Wendy Williams Defends Her Husband Against Cheating Allegations: ‘I Stand by My Guy’ [Video]

Recently, cheating rumors of Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, surfaced on the internet.

Reports claim that Kevin has a whole mistress he’s been seeing for 10 years ya’ll, and that he allegedly bought her a 6 figure home just miles away from his home with Wendy.

Yesterday on her show, Wendy addressed being a hot topic herself. Sis shut the rumors down, stating that “all is well in Hunterville”.

She joked that she would be following the story to see what happens next.

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Wendy Williams is d biggest two-faced, double standard female canine!! When she hears rumours of celebrities, she immed swallows them as gospel. And she condemns if the one allegedly affected does not move on. But now that she is in the same boat it is ‘hype’. Who else want yu… Read more »

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