Will Vybz Kartel & Co-Convicts Be Freed By The System…. Attorney Speaks

Following news that Vybz kartel and his co-convicts have been granted leave to appeal by a judge in the high court, many fans are enthused that this is a chance for incarcerated deejay to beat the system.

The fact that the Court of appeal granted permission for the appeal to go ahead means that there are good grounds that the judge sees for the defendants to have an appeal hearing.

Attorney at law, Bert Samuel who is representing dancehall deejay Shawn Storm, says it is good news as they are given the green light to make an appeal on two counts.

One count of appeal is against the sentence and two for conviction

A three-member panel is expected to hear the matter in the court of appeal.

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God nah sleep v.a.s.k y’all will be free in Jesus name

Tell me now a wah kartel do da old woman deh….

Free kartel

Free the Gaza

Dem nuh av nothing fi.present De Judge a just art n craft.dem ago feel like De biggest bumbohole when him buss.it off n laugh