Will Vybz Kartel Meet Criteria For Conjugal Visits?

National Security Minister Robert Montague recently announced that plans are being put in place for prisoners to be given conjugal visits.

However, highlighted the fact that not all inmates will have the right to conjugal visits when the system is implemented.

Criteria to be used in crafting the policy to determine if conjugal visits are granted will include are not limited to: the type of crime committed; the length of time left on the sentence; changed behaviour; deportment of the prisoner; and the presence of a stable relationship between prisoner and partner.

The plan is part of the 5-Pillar Crime Strategy which speaks of Rehabilitation and Reintegration. It is part of a wider set of reform programmes including Chess in Prison, Sports, WE-Transform as we move to create a safer and gentler society” said Minister Montague.

The National Security Minister pointed out that if the outcomes are to be changed, then there must be a change in the strategy. “We cannot continue to do the same things repeatedly and expect a different outcome” reiterated Minister Montague.

He also noted that the visits will not take place on cell blocks.


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