Woman In Alkaline After-All Short-Film Said She Meant No Offence To The Police – Offers Apology

The actress that was seen in Alkaline’s After All music video wearing a police uniform has come forward to add clarity in light of the ongoing investigation.

“I wasn’t disrespecting the police. It was just acting. Nothing offensive was intended,” she revealed in an interview with the Star

She is a dancehall artiste, who goes by the moniker Quali Tee.

“If I have [disrespected the police], my sincere apology. I was assigned to a role in a movie, and all I did was play the role. I really don’t see what’s the big deal about the movie anyways. A movie is just a movie.” adds Quali Tee

A couple days ago, the Commissioner order an investigation on the music video with specific instructions that those individuals dressed in police uniforms be found and statements taken immediately. He has also directed that the marked police vehicle be checked to see if it is indeed part of the official police fleet.

Quali Tee also provided clarity to tose who are of the view that she performed oral sex during the movie.

“For those who think I was performing a sexual act i%n the movie. Seriously? What’s the purpose of a movie if it doesn’t look real even when it’s not. I think they’re making it way too realistic right now,” she said.

In the meantime, Quali Tee who did a recent collaboration with Ganggoolie for Boom It Up revealed that she is focusing on her acting and music career.

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