World News: U.S.A… RUSSIA… ETHIOPIA… KOREA [Video]

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: International group of female activists crosses fortified border separating North and South Korea, election victory expected for Ethiopia’s ruling party, Russia’s new law against ‘undesirable’ NGOs, and rough weather conditions delay cleanup efforts following a massive oil spill in southern California.

Women Activists Cross Demilitarized Zone in Peace Demonstration
The group wasn’t allowed to enter South Korea on foot and was transported by bus.

Opposition Accuses Government of Harassment Amid Elections
Ruling party officials deny the allegations, and election observers say the vote was calm and peaceful.

Putin Approves New Law Against ‘Undesirable’ NGOs
The bill would allow courts to ban groups, freeze their bank accounts, and jail their employees up to six years.

Cleanup Operation Continues Following California Oil Spill
Birds and marine mammals that survived the accident are being cared for at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Los Angeles.

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