YardHype Features… All Round Actress “Lib Campbell”

When you look at Lib Campbell’s resumé it reads like a never-ending list of entertainment and production companies; it just keeps going on and on and on. And that’s a good thing! That means that this lovely and talented woman has been gainfully employed for the last few years and it appears as if she and her acting and comedic abilities are in high demand. Lucky for her and lucky for us.

Lib Campbell is pretty amazing. She can do anything as an actor and as a comedienne, she can hold her own with the best of them. Her training has been extensive and quite impressive. This Aussie graduated from the 2-year conservatory at the Australian Academy of Dramatic Arts, which is very prestigious and demanding. She also studied with the fab acting teacher in Los Angeles, Lesly Kahn. And let’s not forget that Ben Siemon at UCB, coached her on improvisation. This woman’s been through some interesting classes!

Lib studied sitcom acting at Actors Comedy Studio and TV hosting with Marki Costello in Los Angeles. Did we mention Improvisation Australia, in Sydney? Well, we should have because she went through their courses too. And in all seriousness, (just kidding), she breezed through a summer intensive at David Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City. Is there anything this actress hasn’t done or studied? We’ll get back to you id we find out any new information.

We told you about her training and perhaps here it would be appropriate to mumble on about all of her acting and performing experiences – or at least a few of them. We simply don’t have the room to type all of them in this tiny space. We don’t have the time, either – it could take months.

It seems ads though Lib likes to work in California and Australia, and who wouldn’t, they both have beautiful beaches and plenty of sunshine. She did a lot of work for The Disney Channel in Australia. She was the segment host for Q&Q with Jessie’s Debby Ryan, How to Meet Your Favorite Celeb and Perry’s Playhouse. Lib was also the host on Battlecam, Beverly Hills Live and Trailer Park Kids, shot in Hollywood.

Lib has been in commercials, Internet series and in stage productions, and as we said before, too many to even think about putting in this meager rectangle of a page. The Last Superhero, her next movie will be coming out in 2016, along with Day for Night. You can still catch her in Ultraman, Eden and that cult-classic Slaughterhouse Bride.. If you get the chance to see her in person, don’t close your eyes because if you do you may miss her. Lib is going places and she is traveling at light speed.

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