YardHype Features… French Actor “Pierre Macko”

The impressive volume of work by actor Pierre Macko

So, who does this French actor Pierre Macko think he is? He just comes over here and starts getting movie roles left and right and then flies back to Europe where he is mobbed by fans at the airport. Apparently, he was recently mobbed at the busiest airport in California. Of course, it’s allthe good kind of mobbing, mostly autographseekers and swooning girls who want a close look at his signature green eyes and athletic build.

lelloucheonsetWho can blame all these people, anyway? That’s what movies do to people – they make them crazy. If they want Pierre Macko, I say, give them more of him. Someone told me a few days ago when I was ranting (again) about this French guy who speaks English flawlessly, that there was a petition circulating that was attempting to urge Pierre to stay in this country so the Americans could claim him all for themselves. “What kind of nonsense is that?” I thought, when I heard about it. And then I realized that it was not only not nonsense, it was a brilliant idea! We should keep Pierre in this country. His acting talent, great looks and star power could make me millions!

I could see it clearly…I would greet Mr. Macko, (as he deserves to be called) at the airport, stepping off of his very private jet, and the limo would whisk us off to my office in Hollywood. After a bit of red wine, we would let the studio heads in one at a time to make their proposal for Mr. Macko’s acting services. We would of course listen patiently to all of the offers and I would interject occasionally to up the bidding. In the end, Pierre, (only I would have the right to call this giant of a man by his first name) would go with the studio that had the best script, and I would applaud him for that. Mr. Macko, as you all know by now, can play any part and can play it quite convincingly. His experience and reputation precedes him wherever he goes, hence the airport mobbing and constant groupie presence.

If only dreams and wishes did come true…Perhaps I should sign that petition or maybe I’ll keep an eye on the airport and I might be able to see Pierre someday in person.

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