YardHype Features… “METAPHYSICAL”


What Jimmy Hendrix did to rock, METAPHYSICAL is still trying to bring to hip hop!! While in the rap group Sub-7 in 1989, METAPHYSICAL was Phil Fresh with a song on the Central Valley radio station B95 called “Back in Time”. In 1994 a car accident put him in a coma for two weeks. He had to RELEARN how 2 walk and talk again. Inspired with another chance at life he now spits REAL lyric.
The song RHYME FLOW from the “Fire” ep release(www.djdond.com) is on the Lower Merion Films “Teacher of the Year” movie now on dvd. Rude Boy Magazine, an up and coming magazine gives METAPHYSICAL a mention in the November 2014 edition (rudeboymag.com/metaphysical-mind-blowing-messages). Combining his words with precisely produced beats to form mind blowing messages with songs, get your minds ready for METAPHYSICAL.

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