Yardhype features “RR”… Big! Music Collaborations

While she is an up and coming artiste RR pronounced Double R has been making strides with her collaborations. The sultry artiste has released ‘A Dat Yuh Wah’ featuring Sizzla and ‘Crazy in Love Remix’ featuring Mavado. Both collaborations have opened doors for her to working with several top local and international producers.

RR said “these collaborations have really assisted me in elevating my career. As a female in dancehall I look towards keeping my music at a high standard and as such I will ensure my productions remain at the highest standard”. ‘A Dat Yuh Wah’ was produced by Frankie Music and ‘Crazy In Love Remix’ was produced by UIM Records. Both songs have been receiving air plays on several underground radio in London, main stream radio in North America, Ghana, and the Bahamas.
RR dancehall yardhype
“To hear stations such as 100Jamz in Bahamas, Irie Jamz and Hot 97 in New York, Carib Flex in Palm Beach and 99Jamz in Miami play my music has been a blessing to me. I have had success with other singles but these collaborations I believe will climb several charts”, shared RR. She also added that both singles are available on ITunes for purchase.

The ‘Crazy in Love’ artiste who was set to shoot the video for ‘Crazy in love Remix’ in August shared that the new date for shoot is in mid-September at a mansion in Fort Lauderdale. RR can be followed on Twitter at RR_musiq; Soundcloud.com/RR_musiq and Instagram at RR_musiq.

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