YardHype features “Shawn Ice” a rising Star

Shawn Anthony Thompson also known as “Shawn Ice” as his stage name was born on December 11, 1992, out of the outskirts of the Tryhall vicinity in St. Mary Jamaica. Shawn Ice now 22 years old recalls always being fascinated with the music industry from the tender age of thirteen (13) and finally got into the music industry at the age of fifteen (15).Over the years Shawn Ice has worked with many different studios and record labels; Small House Records, DJ Druggist, Jam 2 Records, Fire Star Records. In 2010 he worked with some establish named producers in the business. Since then he has relocated overseas and has been working with a few more studios and record labels; Kappa Records, Mind Power Records, Glory House Production and Starz of David Production.

When asked “What did you like about music that made you want to pursue a career in it?” he said “Anytime mi ina bad mood no matter which song mi hear.from mi hear music mi mood change. Mi go ina a different feeling a better feeling so from mi get dat deh feeling deh and know seh a suh it go.Mi get fi like music and seh alright a diss mi ago do den”. After going after his dream he realized that he could do it.He could write songs and so on and that is how it began. He says there is no specific reason why he loves music as he has loved it ever since he was born. He says “ mi have a feeling like mi an it connect”.

Currently Shawn Ice says he is getting in contact with some other produces to do some more work so we should expect songs to be released on other labels. He has a song coming out soon with Glory House Production called “Everyting Good Yah Now”. Recently Shawn Ice says he has released a new song on the Black Leather Riddim called “We Lock It”.

Shawn Ice says we can look out for his new songs; “All Night”, “Happy Life” and “Everyting Good” coming out soon. When asked what is his plans are for 2015 and the future he said “Hit songs and to be one of the biggest name in Dancehall & Reggae Music”.
Article by Patrice Cummings

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