Yardhype features “Sol Weatherman”… The artiste who rode a donkey into Wappingz Thursday party

With several controversies surrounding dancehall music videos, upcoming artiste Sol Weatherman is now victim to a candid video gone viral. The video shows the artiste singing his song ‘Handcart’ with what appears to be an M 16 riffle gun in hand. Further, another video surfaced with the artiste riding on a donkey at Wappingz Thursday during prime time.

‘Handcart’ on the ‘Car Tire Riddim’ is produce by Krayv and Jay Crazie Records and is described by Sol Weatherman as a “hustler’s anthem”. He said “the video was simply me on my ends a chill. Someone recorded the video and published it. I don’t encourage violence, the song Handcart is a hustler song not a violent one”. When asked about the riding on the donkey, Sol said “I believe in promoting my single to the fullest so that video it’s just another way to market the single for me”.

‘Handcart’ has been garnering much attention from the streets. Sol added, “Nuff street dance have the girls pushing on handcarts and dancing. People all over the world love the gimmicks that come with the song”.

Sol Weatherman reigns from Cockburn Gardens and is known for singles such as ‘Weatherman’; ‘Feel So Good’; and ‘Whine’ to name a few. He can be followed on Instagram @SolWeatherman and on Facebook/WeathermanSol.
SOURCE: Taylor Made Events and PR Management
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