YardHype Features… Talented Actress “Tara Jay”

The exquisitely beautiful and exceptionally talented Tara Jay

Can a young woman become a professional actress if she’s exquisitely beautiful but has very little talent?

Good question, Billy! The short answer to that is an unqualified, “Yes, absolutely!” The longer, more complex answer to that delicate and highly sensitive question is “No.”

Now, to clarify the first answer, and my lawyer is sitting right next to me, I would have to start at the beginning.5 That would be when people first started making movies. Okay, you’re right, let’s not go that far back. Let’s just stick with recent history and use examples that don’t offend anyone, okay? Okay. We’ve all seen and some of us have even known some beautiful women who have tried to make it in the show business. What happened to them? I bet we all have the same answers: their beauty got them into auditions and their talent or lack of talent either moved them forward or tossed them aside to become waitresses at Denny’s or baristas at Starbucks. Not that these are bad jobs, they’re just not acting jobs, (for the most part).

In other words, either you’ve got it or you don’t. Tara Jay has got it! She’s also a very beautiful young woman who is unstoppable because of her talent. She comes to an audition with her beauty, but her talent always gets the job done as well as gets the job. Being well trained may have helped. And being born into a family who has been in show business for decades may have also helped. You never know if anything outside the person’s being helps them get a part or have a thriving career. One look at Tara Jay and something becomes very obvious: she is a serious actress. You can tell simply by the way she looks into the camera and the way she carries herself.

Tara Jay is a prime example of the triumph of talent over beauty. Although it might be more precise to say that Tara Jay is the triumph of talent AND beauty. She brings a lot to the table and talent and beauty are the first ones you notice. The others that are obvious a moment later are high intelligence, the ability to concentrate (which is extremely important if you’re an actor), poise, grace, confidence, polish and tons of experience as a professional actress. She also brings dependability and she always does her homework, that is, she knows her lines and she understands the character she’s playing inside and out.

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