YardHype Features… World Class Actor “Hugo Diego Garcia”

Hi Hugo, what made you decide to move to the US?

To be honest, it has always been my dream to come here, but I didn’t really think about it or do anything to Hugo_1make it happen. I was having success doing movies, TV shows and theater in France and my career was moving forward when my manager approached me after a play I was doing and remembered me from an indie film I did back in 2013 which won some awards and he felt I was right for a lot of parts in the US. I am grateful because my manager (Vincent Cirrincione Associates) is really one of the best right now. They work with A-list actors like Halle Berry, Julie Benz and so many others. They have high expectations for me. So, recently I made the decision to move and here I am.

What about France ? Do you still want a career there ?

Yes of course. I want to keep working in France. My goal is to be able to travel all around the world and shoot wherever an interesting project might appear. We have some quality work out there even if I feel closer to American productions.

Who inspired you? Do you have any favorite actors?

Brando and De Niro played a big part in my education. They are monsters. Concerning the new generation I would say Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal and Shia Laboeuf. I think he’s underestimated.

Do you have any other hidden talents besides acting ?

At the beginning of my career I was still studying law but I decided to put it to the side to fully commit to acting. I have been a boxer for now 9 years and it’s what I enjoy the most. I also play poker, draw and read a lot. I love French classics!

Tell us about your exciting news!

I was recently cast in a music video released on some pretty big websites and I also shot a movie last year which will be released soon in France named « A Rebours » (Backward) from Jonathan Soler. I am very excited about this because he’s one of the best young directors in France and the movie looks great. I also appear as the lead in a TV mini-series about evil twins. I play the lead in the last episode and it was a blast to act with such talented people. A lot of projects are offered to me in the US like several feature films. I would love to be in all of them!

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