Young M.A. in Jamaica Hotel says “this some Ghetto shit” showing broken television and no light [Video]

Watch this live stream from Young MA Live in jamaica for brit jam 2017 showing broken television and no light in her hotel room

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Bitch u get what u pay for your a big rapper getting money huh? So why not get a 5 star hotel

Yuh knw seh mi rate har cause shi revive hip hop n shi got talent but miss lady or mister if u want to be address as a man mi nuh too sure… Wah mi a seh is di promoter dem weh book yuh put u in a guest House… Read more »

You get what you pay for…….some people come here expecting to pay $20 per night and expecting the world……..I would love to know how much they paid……..

Shelle Stunner… Give her the number to RIU

Uncle Chef

What hotel it couldn5 be a 3 or 4 star hotel or even a hotel with a star