Zamunda Set To Add His Latest Hit Single “Two Grand” To His Debut Album


JUST about everybody is crunching the numbers in Jamaica, given the challenging economic times. Singjay Zamunda adds his two cents with Two Grand, his latest song.
Two 20160421_093746Grand ($2000), he points out, is all about making the most with the little you have.
“It may not seem like much but $2,000 can do a lot a things for some people. If a man have a grand is like nuthin, but when him have two it can balance things,” said Zamunda.
Two Grand was released by YGF Records in January, when general election fever was at its peak in Jamaica. Politicians promised voters programmes that would result in improved salaries.
Zamunda, who is from Claremont district in St Ann, was not interested in campaign pledges. He was inspired to write the song by just observing the struggles of “everyday people”.
“It hard out dey — yuh hear bawl everyday,” he said.
Born Christopher Gayle, 30-year-old Zamunda has been recording for 10 years. His previous songs include Jah Love Surround Me and Rasta Ever Clean with I Octane.
Two Grand will be on his debut album, Scripts And Scrolls, scheduled for a summer release.
— Howard Campbell

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