ZJ Sparks Set To Take Legal Actions Against Website For Using Her Image To Sell Products

Well-known female disc jock ZJ Sparks is the victim of a copyright infringement, as an image of her has surfaced on numerous merchandise being sold online.

The website spreadshirt.com is alleged to have been selling T-shirts, cups, phone cases and baby clothing bearing the image of ZJ Sparks with prices ranging from between US$23 (J$2,950) and US$50 (J$6,411).

According to Sparks, she was ordering some T-Shirts online when a friend sent her a message asking her if she knew about merchandises being sold online bearing her images. The tags that they have under these items read, ‘Hot Seller Reggae’.

Though not opposed to the idea of a business partnership, Zj Sparks says she would now be leaving the issue to her legal representatives, who she says will take the necessary steps to protect her brand.


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