ZJ Wah Wa Ignores Lincoln ‘3Dot’ Accusations

Up-and-coming artiste Lincoln ‘3Dot’ Richardson is accusing popular selector ZJ Wah Wa of trying to sabotage his career. In a video posted on Youtube, 3Dot confirmed that though he had agreed to let Wah Wa manage him, the deal eventually fell through when Wah Wa embarrassed him at Hamma Fridaze. “Him book me and Tommy Lee fi di party. Flyers do up and everybody a tweet bout it and ting. Me reach a di party and Wah Wa announce say him a call up a artiste and when mi check it a Mixing Lab him call on fi perform. After Mixing Lab performed him play some more song and then Tommy Lee reach and perform and di party done. Wah Wa publicly embarrassed me. Mi realise seh Wah Wa only play mi song pon radio. Him nuh play it when him have play outs. So dat just show me seh him sceptical bout me and nuh have no confidence inna me,” 3Dot said.

After calling off the management deal, both came face-to-face once again in May Pen last month for an event.

“Di promoter book mi fi a show in May Pen and him tell me seh Wah Wa deh pon the show also. Mi tell the promoter me and Wah Wa nuh deal but him can book him same way. When a time fi me perform, Wah Wa say him want play seven more songs. Him play bare dancing song because him a try flop my career. Him know seh when him play dem song deh, nobody nah go too interested fi hear no performance after that but him plan backfire pon him,” 3Dot said.

“Mi perform and shell di show and Wah Wa deh a di side a di stage a roll him eyes like him is a big gal. I don’t know why Wah Wa a try stop my career.”

He also accused the selector of being hypocritical and having a big ego.

“Wah Wa badmind and him have a ego problem. Him think him mek it inna life because him almost work a ZIP. A one day out a di week him play pon ZIP FM so him barely work there. Because him caan get fi manage me, him a try destroy mi career. ”

When contacted, ZJ Wah Wa’s team told THE STAR they were not focusing on any negativity.

“People have been calling our team and telling us that Lincoln 3dot is saying some things about Zj Wah Wa. We are not sure or fully aware of who or what this Lincoln 3dot person is saying. Zj Wah Wa is not interested in what this person is saying and without losing focus, he wishes to advise everyone that he and his team have been busy in the streets promoting his three upcoming events and working assiduously on his new Chronicles of Zj Wah Wa mix tape which will be dropping real soon.”

In the meantime, 3Dot will be performing at RumBar Bliss in Negril on July 26 while fans of ZJ Wah Wa can look out for the second anniversary of Guinness Hamma Fridays on July 12 at Sabina Park. The event will feature a performance from I-Octane.
Lincoln talks about zj Wahwa [Video]

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