1 DON!: Ninja Man Gets Bounty Killer & Foota Hype To End Feud & Delete ‘Rude’ I.G. Posts

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer and popular selector Foota Hype have ended their online feud following the intervention of Ninja Man.

Earlier today Ninja Man man took to his social media live to inform his followers that he had spoken to Bounty killer to end the feud with Foota Hype and also sent a message to Foota Hype to do the same.

Since then both entertainers have deleted the rude comments and video on their respective Instagram page. Bounty Killer was the first to delete his posts then selector/producer Foota Hype did the same.

Ninja Man Says Foota Hype Taking It Too Far Now With Dissing Bounty Killer [Video]

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Trust me me feel like me would a make me batty man fren Dem batry #FOOTAH HYPE

Cho ..yes man cause me no know y bounty a answer to this old petrol station wah all kind a drunk drive up on for no see d d hole gogo pole nah enjoy no life

My god me no say Fi a fact the time you man take Fi cuss pon live you don’t spent that among if time to pray and give God thanks

Footah wah some one put a foot in a him mouth