Ace Hood Ft. Betty Wright – Save Us [OMV]

watch this new music video from Ace Hood – Save Us (Official Video) Ft. Betty Wright. [HD]. the video was released yesterday.
This video showcases a different side to the ganster rapper.
“There’s a war going on outside, it’s devastating
The hoods segregated by cliques and affiliations
City full of satans who facing no limitations
Turning on the news and it’s poison throughout the nation
Kids being kidnapped, teens getting shot up
Murder rate higher, continue as bodies pop up
Streets done got worser, the world done got colder
Many crying out and they could really use a shoulder
Amen amen, live a life full of sin
I inspire the people that boost desire within
Got a message for students, teachers won’t let me attend
Paint a horrible image of me, I’m quick to defend
What the fuck am I to do cus I’m simply speakin truth?
We gotta guard the youth, no excuses to be in school
Babies out in Africa prayin for a pair of shoes
More food or finer things they never knew
Lord knows I won’t change, life’s better
God bless the soul and the spirits of Mandela
Let’s do it for a cause, we are grateful beyond measures
Man with a powerful message behind lectures
We’re living in hell, good people
We’re surrounded by pure evil
And it’s easy to see we need Jesus

[Hook] Save us
Won’t you help me? Oh
Save us
Oh oh oh oh
Save us
Save my… baby
Save us
Help me… save my… baby
Save us
Save you

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