Actress Spotlight “Summer Kimpton Brown”

Summer_Kimpton_BrownSummer Kimpton-Brown is a young actress who has been blowing people away with her fantastic performances in the UK. She has had numerous leading roles and has excelled at all of them. You would never guess that Summer is only nine years old. Summer has enjoyed acting and theatre from a very young age.
Summer has taken many acting classes since she was very young and has been in several commercials. She studied at the Celebrity Talent Academy and became a part of Talent INC. She went to America with Talent INC and got signed in both LA and New York. Her family is moving to America in January so that she and her sister Shea can continue their acting careers.
Summer has starred in many plays and musicals throughout her career. She was the leading role of Lucy in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe at The Shaw Theatre in London in November of 2014. Summer also played the leading role of Verruca Salt in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at the Tabard Theatre in London on November of 2013. Summer has played many other starring roles, and this has led her to take her career to TV and film.
Summer played the leading role of Young Erica in the pilot of a new TV series called RAMM. Summer is also starting work on a TV series in the US that is the called the Good Guys Club. She will be playing the leading role of Heather McMillan. Summer’s talent is so extraordinary that one of her coaches and Director of RAMM described her as “the next Meryl Streep”.

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