Alaine Shoots ‘Wafula’ Video in Kenya… See PICs

Her story when told sounds well like a post on BuzzFeed titled: ‘The Sacrifice of Music that Will make you Say WTF’.
Busy Signal, Tarrus Riley, Shaggy, Tessane Chyne, Tami Chyne, Queen Ifrica and the list of those she has collaborated with is endless. This is Alaine Laughton.

Back in 2004; after 4 and a half depressing years working as an investment banker at the prestigious JP Morgan, in New York; she quit, sold her stuff, packed her bags and hopped on the next flight to Jamaica. Uncertain of her future in music and having quit a stable job, she embarked on a journey of creating magic with sound.
Fast forward to today, over a decade later and the beautiful Alaine Laughton has not ceased churning out Reggae love songs ad life songs that are deep like her first tune “Deeper”.

A decade of music; the queen recorded her first single, ‘Deeper’ inside a four walled bathroom studio—the tune that is pure reggae; deep in lyrics and the base line is damn great.
This month, the happy beauty queen secretly flew into Kenya for a series of upcoming promotions of her new album, ‘Ten of Hearts’ that was released last year and was among our top teen must have albums for 2015.

But a surprise feature on the album for many is the feature of Kenya’s very own comedian Churchill Ndambuki with who they jam to the track that was originally a random freestyle turned overnight viral hit on stage at Churchill’s comedy show—Wafula.
Wafula, a name associated with the Luhya tribe got a kick out of Alaine as she explained to On Stage host, Winford Williams, “Wafula is usually like a security guard and the tribe he is associated with love to eat Ugali (corn meal) and lots of green. It is a funny song that trended all over after we did the freestyle on Churchill’s comedy show in 2014.”

In describing the album for anyone who has not listened to it, Reggaeville notes: Now, close your eyes. Feel your heartbeat. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Ok, now you are ready to press play.
13 tracks that will melt you away addressing sensuality romance, abuse, homelessness, love, hate, disappointment and other social issues’ gum of topics! The fact that it has been recorded and mixed in some of Kingston’s hottest studios from Big Yard to Chimney Records among others as well as the A-list of contributing instrumentalists that reads like the who’s who of Jamaica’s vibrant music scene guarantees the high quality of this production.

Alaine addressing Winford Williams about the album, termed it as a ‘redemption’. 10 for her means completion and new beginnings, hence the name Ten of Hearts—an album she started writing on her tenth music anniversary.
alaine in kenya 2016
Alaine and Churchill under the directions of Kenya’s Producer, Young Wallace embarked on making the ‘Wafula’ video that was shot entirely in the countryside of Western Kenya—Kakamega town to be precise.

Alaine expressed her excitement on Instagram about her search for ‘Wafula’. Here are some of the Instagram vibes.
aline shoots music video kenya

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