Alkaline falls out with another producer

Record producer Jjevafrass is at odds with dancehall enigma Alkaline after the artiste re-recorded a song that was already recorded on his Frasshouse rhythm, for another producer.

According to Jjevafrass, he and Alkaline had no issues during the initial recording process, however, as soon as Alkaline was updated on the list of artistes who also recorded on the rhythm, the deejay said he did not want to be on the same rhythm with baymn artistes.

The song, Somewhere, and is now being promoted by Lee Milla’s record label as well. At the beginning of Lee Milla’s version, Alkaline even shouts in his intro, “A Lee Milla mi voice it fah.” Lee Milla’s version also carries a similar instrumental as the one being promoted by Jjevafrass.

A seemingly upset Jjevafrass took to Instagram to express his grouse with Alkaline.

“Di man sample mi rhythm and do over the song and a come talk bout a Lee Milla him voice it fah. People Alkaline voice the song first on my rhythm which is the Frass House Rhythm. The problem is when he found out who was featured on my rhythm, he said too much [email protected]%ymn pon the rhythm and he didn’t want to be apart of it no more. So basically he disrespected me and the artiste dem, suh mi drop dat … same way,” Jjevafrass said.

Both versions of the song are available on YouTube and have received over 10,000 views each. However, Alkaline’s publicist, Kereen Beckford, says she does not know about the conflict concerning Alkaline and Jjevafrass.

“I have no comment on it, I will have to revisit that situation. I know that we have a new song out, but I can’t clarify if there is an issue, and I am at the airport now. Sometimes, some producer will record an artiste and don’t release it until the artiste hot, so maybe its one of those things, but I can’t comment,” she told The STAR.

Recording artiste Melloquence who is also featured on the Frass House rhythm, says Alkaline’s disrespect has not gone unnoticed.

“First of all, Alkaline is not in a position to call other recording artistes [email protected]@yman. He has done the most questionable things in dancehall such as creaming his hair to saying he wants tongue stimulation in his rear. My youth, just relax and duh music and remember the same bridges yu burn going up, you will need them coming down,” he said.

Listen both productions Below

Alkaline – In The World… Label: Frass House Riddim/JJevafrass Production

Alkaline – Somewhere… Label: Produced By Lee Miller

Other artistes featured on the rhythm are Khago, JOP’s Jayds, Versatile, Maestro Don, Mr G, Navino, Vigilant and Round Head.


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